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The war in Ukraine has caused energy prices in Germany to skyrocket. While the current winter is slowly but surely coming to an end, many are looking forward to the next winter with concern. There, the situation for Germany could become tricky again. But now there is the all-clear.

Germany has enough gas for the coming winter

In the past few weeks, it has been said time and again that Germany is getting through this winter well, but that the next cold spell will be another big challenge. A gas shortage threatened. According to leading experts, this will not happen (Source: Reuters).

According to the German Institute for Economic Research (DIW), the future prospects are so good that Germany should stop the conversion from floating to fixed LNG terminals. The floating LNG terminals, which are already in use and will be built in combination with the LNG terminals in Belgium and the Netherlands ensure a reliable gas supply.

Nevertheless, the Federal Network Agency warns again and again that people and industry must continue to save gas. The relatively mild winters and also the major austerity measures by citizens, but also by companies have ensured that the gas storage tanks are well filled and that there is no gas shortage. In a tweet, the head of the Federal Network Agency praised the population and companies:

Despite the difficult situation and dependence on Russian gas, Germany got off lightly because the right policy decisions were made and people really saved energy.

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Gas prices in Germany are falling again

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