Changes in the date for India-Pakistan as well as 8 other World Cup games

Changes in the date for India-Pakistan as well as 8 other World Cup games

The revised schedule is finally out in less than 2 months remaining until the tournament begins on 5 October

The updated World Cup schedule is finally released

The updated World Cup schedule is finally released.

Nine games in the coming ODI World Cup have had the dates and start times modified, which the ICC has now confirmed the changes this, with the exception of the India-Pakistan game in Ahmedabad and will take place – as was reported earlier by ESPNcricinfo at the time of October 14 instead of the earlier date of October 15. These changes were confirmed by the ICC just two months left until the date of the event’s main draw.

Pakistan, Bangladesh and England are among the worst affected each of the three teams having three matches changed due to time (and one to beginning time for England’s game). Due to the alteration in the Indian-Pakistan game, Pakistan’s clash with Sri Lanka in Hyderabad has been moved from the 12th of October until October 10 so that they have a suitable space prior to their India game. As a result this means that the game between Australia and South Africa in Lucknow was also brought ahead by a day. It is scheduled for October 12 rather than October 13.

The England-Afghanistan match in Delhi the original planned for October 14 It will now be played on the 15th of October.

The match between New Zealand and Bangladesh in Chennai is now an evening game on October 14 into a night-day match on the 13th of October. The England-Bangladesh match in Dharamsala will take place on the 10th of October and will be a daytime match and not a night-time game.

The double-header that was scheduled to take place on the 12th of November on the 12th of November – Australia against Bangladesh in Pune as well as England against Pakistan in Kolkata is now scheduled to take place on the 11th of November in response to concerns expressed by Kolkata officers to Cricket Association of Bengal about having a game played on the same day the Hindu celebration of the Kali Puja.

The league phase in the World Cup will now end with India playing Netherlands in Bengaluru on the 12th of November instead of the earlier date of November 11. This year’s World Cup starts on October 5, with the reigning champions England facing New Zealand in Ahmedabad, which will culminate with the final match on November 18 in Ahmedabad. Semi-finals are scheduled to be played at Mumbai and Kolkata between November 15 and 16, respectively. The ICC is also announcing that tickets to the tournament can be purchased online beginning the 25th of August.

The schedule for 2023’s ODI World Cup was released after a delay of June 27 – just 100 days ahead of the opening of the event on the 5th of October in Ahmedabad The dates for the two previous tournaments, in Australia as well as New Zealand (2015) and England and Wales (2019) were announced over 12 months in advance.

Later, it became clear that the police of Ahmedabad expressed concerns about being able to provide adequate security on October 15th, the initial date for the India match between India and Pakistan game. It is also the date of Navaratri the biggest 9-day Hindu celebration.

Jay Shah, the BCCI secretary had but dismissed it as the main reason. “If security is a concern then why should the game take place there? Ahmedabad14-15 is not the issue,” he had said at an BCCI meeting on the 27th of July. “Two or three board members submitted a letter, requesting for a change in the event of logistics challenges. There are a few matches in which there’s only a 2-day time-span, which means it would be challenging to play, for a day, then leave the next and then play another game. “

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