Top AI tools list for Students 2023

Top AI tools list for Students 2023

Artificial intelligence (AI) has several uses in education, including the creation of engaging virtual classrooms, “smart content,” the eradication of language barriers, the filling of knowledge gaps, and the creation of unique lesson plans for every student. In the next years, the market for AI in education is anticipated to grow to several billion dollars. Its spectacular development has been attributed in part to its ability to revolutionise every aspect of the educational experience.

To this purpose, a number of progressive companies are creating AI technology. Let’s look at some of the most beneficial AI programmes for educational settings: 


By letting students rate and remark on one another, Gradescope, an AI programme, helps teachers save time. The grading process is streamlined by Gradescope using machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI), saving you time and effort. Teachers may use Gradescope as a single centre to grade projects, assignments, and tests that are both conventional and digital. Teachers may now focus on more important tasks because of outsourcing. 

Speech recognition software from Nuance

Voice recognition software for educational institutions is created and sold by Nuance. Students who have trouble writing or typing may find use for the business’s Dragon Speech Recognition programme, which can transcribe up to 160 words per minute. The programme makes document navigation using voice commands accessible to kids with special needs. You can dictate anything, including lesson plans, syllabi, worksheets, and reading lists, using Dragon since it is more than three times faster than typing. It does this with 99% success rate. 

Robot Ivy

A chatbot suite for educational institutions called Ivy uses artificial intelligence (AI). They provide assistance with several aspects of enrolling in and attending a university, such as the application, enrollment, fee, and deadline procedures. Among the other distinctive characteristics of the platform, Ivy’s ability to leverage gathered data to develop recruitment activities stands out. The AI tool may be used to obtain financial help for students, including details on loans, grants, scholarships, and tuition payments that are accessible. Its broad application is a result of the ability to teach department-specific chatbots. 

Learning Altitude

A student-focused e-learning platform, Altitude Learning, is available. The main objective is to provide pupils the knowledge and abilities need to study on their own. Each learner may study independently thanks to the product’s unique user interface and assessment system. The AI tool offers instructors a variety of configurable assignment alternatives, including individual and group assignments. Additionally, it provides teachers with the resources they need to plan courses that are student-centered and take use of the most recent research in educational psychology. 


Solutions based on artificial intelligence (AI) are developed by Cognii for use in elementary, secondary, and university education. For internal training, it is often used in professional contexts. The conversational technology used by Cognii’s virtual learning assistant helps students produce more critical thinking and open-ended responses. The virtual assistant may also provide each student customised care via instruction and prompt feedback. 


Another excellent artificial intelligence (AI) teaching tool is Knowji, an audio-visual vocabulary app that makes use of current educational advancements. A number of techniques and concepts are used by the language learning software Knowji to aid students in rapidly and effectively learning a new language. The artificial intelligence (AI) learning system monitors user progress and anticipates when they may forget a word. This is possible because the technique for spacing out repeats gradually increases retention. 


The AI platform from Querium excels in preparing students for success in both higher education and the job. The system is built on specialised training and supervised practise. By improving the pace, quality, and analysis of student development, using an AI-powered virtual tutor might improve learning outcomes all around. By looking at the students’ replies and how long it took to complete tutoring programmes, instructors may learn more about the learning styles of their students and possible areas for improvement. The AI in Queirum could be useful in the classroom as well. 

Modern Century

To create individualised lesson plans, Century Tech offers an AI platform that combines cognitive neuroscience with student data. The AI system monitors each student’s progress and identifies any academic weak spots. Individualised study recommendations and comments are sent to each user. Because of these customised programmes, instructors now have less work to complete. Century provides educators with access to cutting-edge technologies that make rote tasks like lesson planning and grading more bearable. 

Platforms for Carnegie Learning

Carnegie Learning is a top provider of cutting-edge curriculum and educational technology solutions, and its learning platforms for secondary and tertiary students mainly rely on AI and machine learning. On these websites, a variety of solutions to issues with literacy, numeracy, and foreign language learning are available. 

One of its products, MATHia, was made by researchers at Carnegie Mellon University. Among other recognitions, it has received the Tech Edvocate Awards’ “Best Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning App” award. Additionally, it offers students Fast ForWord, a reading and language programme that has been shown to increase vocabulary and reading comprehension. 

Albion Knewton’s

The most recent product in Knewton’s line of higher education tools is called Alta AI. It’s an all-encompassing courseware solution that combines AL with publicly available data to provide customised courses for each student. Every package from Alta includes all the course materials, including texts, videos, examples, and assessments. Additionally, it could be taught in a variety of subjects spanning academic fields, such as math, economics, chemistry, and statistics. 

Proctoring with Eklavvya AI

An AI-powered proctoring system called Eklavvya is web-based and watches students while they take examinations online and notifies them if they cheat. When students take exams online using Eklavvya AI proctoring, the programme analyses their facial expressions and behaviour to assess how well they did. Students must utilise their webcams during Eklavvya exams as a necessity. The candidate’s front-facing camera must be turned on when the test starts. Online tests might be made even more rigorous by combining AI and human proctoring. Online examinations may be taken without concern about fraud thanks to AI proctoring.

intelligent crow

a clever online institution that uses machine learning to personalise instruction for each student and provide ongoing assessment. a set of web-based tools for developing and distributing applications and material for adaptive learning as well as tracking student responses. Smart Sparrow employs machine learning algorithms to tailor students’ educational experiences so they may learn at their own pace and to the fullest extent possible. 


For use in math classes in elementary and middle schools, DreamBox Learning produces and disseminates instructional software.Kids in pre-K through eighth grade may access approximately 2,000 lessons from DreamBox Learning via animated challenges, games, and experiences. It provides a versatile framework for teaching maths to children in grades K–8 using AI. When teaching maths, DreamBox uses AI to modify the level of difficulty for each student and provide immediate feedback to encourage learning.


Querium is an online learning platform that provides customised study programmes for students to help them in maths and science. The software employs AI to pinpoint students’ areas of weakness before creating personalised development programmes. One of the distinctive features of Querium is its AI-powered chatbots, who reply to student enquiries and provide personalised remarks. These chatbots use natural language processing (NLP) to decipher questions from students and provide the relevant answers.

Woot! Math.

Woot Math is an online platform that offers students a broad range of fun, interactive tools and resources to help them study mathematics. To make mathematics more engaging and enjoyable for its users, the platform makes extensive use of visual aids and interactive elements. Because it uses artificial intelligence to tailor the learning experience for each student, Woot Math’s adaptive learning system stands apart. In order to assist students succeed, the system can identify their areas of weakness and provide the right resources and comments.


You may obtain individual tuition in a variety of subjects on the website TutorMe. Students may get help with their assignments whenever they need it using the platform’s on-demand tutoring sessions. A crucial differentiation for TutorMe is the use of artificial intelligence in the tutoring process. Using machine learning algorithms, the platform analyses student performance data and then generates recommendations. This suggests that each student gets customised attention throughout their tutoring sessions.

With its corporate headquarters in the UK, Pearson is a global supplier of educational services. Millions of students in more than 70 countries are served by the multinational company. The various tools and goods that Pearson offers to students, instructors, and educational institutions include textbooks, digital learning materials, and online courseware. For many different professions and subjects, the organisation also provides exams and certifications. One of the most valuable aspects of Pearson is how it uses technology to enhance education. This organisation offers a variety of digital learning resources, including interactive learning tools, e-books, and online courses.


A video technology company called Kaltura provides a range of goods and services to help businesses of all kinds create, handle, and distribute video. Kaltura offers a variety of video goods and services, including video management, live streaming, video editing, video analytics, and custom branding, to assist its clients in giving their films a unique look and feel. Customers may customise their video services to meet their specific needs thanks to the company’s flexible and changeable platform.


The linguist education app More than 30 languages are taught in lessons on Duolingo. A fun and effective style is used to give brief scientific lectures. To adapt courses to each person’s competence and learning rate, the programme integrates AI and languages. By placing a strong emphasis on the improvement of reading, listening, and speaking skills, the courses are created to provide students with a well-rounded education.

It’s simple to learn a new language whenever and wherever you choose thanks to Duolingo’s mobile and web editions. In addition to the Duolingo app, the tool offers free teaching tools to support language learning in and outside of the classroom. Due to its use of cutting-edge assessment technology and artificial intelligence, Duolingo also offers a fast, affordable, and well-respected English test.


When seeking for online education, students in grades K–12 should turn to Edmentum. The firm creates goods and services to raise academic standards, student accomplishment, and teacher effectiveness. Course materials, assessments, practise exams, online learning, and professional development are just a few of the services offered by Edmentum. An AI-powered educational platform, it personalises courses for each student. Edmentum employs machine learning algorithms to assess students’ achievement, enabling more accurate instruction and ongoing assessment of the students’ development.

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