Beware of the dogs in Resident Evil 4 Remake solve

During Chapter 5 in Resident Evil 4 Remake, you can accept the Beware the Dog quest. Here you have to find an overpowering threat and defeat the wild mutt. In our walkthrough we will help you to solve this mission.

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Platforms:Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Nintendo Wii

Start Beware of the Dog

On your way back from the church back to the village square in chapter 5 you can in front of the town hall Pick up the blue task slip for “Beware of the dog” near the dealer.

Your task is to find and kill the wild mutt, who is up to mischief in the village. The stately reward of 8 spinels already reveals that this is not an easy task. The wild mutt is a strong enemy that can take a lot of damage.

Find and defeat Wild Mutt

If you look at the map after collecting the note, A mission marker will appear south of your position at the village chief’s house. So you should start there with the search for the wild mutt. You should go here anyway because you can still collect some items in the attic of the house thanks to Ashley.

So head south across the village square and go into the house. Collect all the items in the attic, among other things you can find a valuable treasure here, and then go back out through the main entrance. The wild mutt then shows up at the lattice door for the first time and then runs back to the village square. The mission marker will move there accordingly.

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Also run back to the village square and stay at the entrance. From here you should first eliminate all visible villagers with appropriate weapons before you run to the middle of the village square.

That is where the wild mutt will appear, mutating before your eyes. It’s best to have a fully loaded shotgun and grenades ready and try to kill him with quick shots in a row. If he’s on the ground, you can also kill him with your knife.

The wild mutt leaves you as prey alexandrite fall. Then return to the merchant to collect your spinels as a reward.

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