This is how much annual maintenance costs compared to gas heating

Germany is on the verge of a major heat transition. Instead of gas heaters, heat pumps are to be used more in the future. In addition to the high acquisition costs for a heat pump, another cost factor must not be neglected. In order for a heat pump to last long, it must be serviced regularly.

Heat pumps are more expensive to maintain than gas heaters

Just like gas heaters, heat pumps also need to be serviced at regular intervals. Depending on the manufacturer, maintenance is scheduled every one to three years. In most cases, however, maintenance must be carried out annually, since this is primarily the case Filters and pumps checked and be exchanged. Furthermore, the tightness must be checked and the refrigerant checked. This is the only way to ensure that the heat exchange and thus the main function of a heat pump works properly.

The costs for the required annual maintenance of a heat pump add up to a lot Bosch to about 300 euros. With air-to-air heat pumps, it is a little more because the filters have to be changed regularly. But it depends very much on the type and performance of the device. Models with more than three kilograms of refrigerant must also undergo an annual leak test. However, they are rarely used for private purposes.

For comparison: The maintenance of a gas heating system in a family home costs between 80 and 220 euros. The average is about 130 euros. I myself recently paid 125 euros. Again, it depends on the size of the heater. However, the costs are somewhat lower than those for the maintenance of a heat pump.

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What you need to know about heat pumps:

lifespan of a heat pump

With the high acquisition costs and the regular maintenance, a lot of money comes together. This is to be compensated for by lower energy costs over the service life of 15 to 25 years. To ensure that the heat pump does not break down too quickly, regular maintenance makes sense so that you can benefit from the climate-friendly heating system for many years to come.

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