Don’t forget these steps Vodafone

Don’t forget these steps Vodafone

Whether for fixed network Internet, mobile communications or television – Vodafone offers customers a wide range of different services. As with other providers, there can also be problems. If you are affected by a network failure at Vodafone, you should definitely pay attention to these things.


Internet, telephone, TV reception or mobile communications – Vodafone offers all of this to its customers. Alongside Telekom and o2, the provider is one of the three network operators in Germany and has a correspondingly large number of customers and a large market share, which is however shrinking. It is annoying for many customers when something is wrong with the Vodafone services.

Internet down? Put pressure on Vodafone, otherwise you’ll keep paying

I myself only recently had to experience a total failure of cable internet and television reception – really no fun, especially when you are dependent on a working internet in the home office. After making sure that it wasn’t just the router that needed a reboot, I decided to Contacted Vodafone to find out what’s going on.

Exactly so should you, especially if you are hit by a long-term disruption – you can find current Vodafone disruptions in our article. On the one hand, there is the possibility that you can get help from the provider. There may already be a status, the problem will be fixed or at least you will find out what the problem could be.

Above all, you should Inform Vodafone for cost reasons, when the internet, telephone, mobile communications, television or even several services suddenly give up the ghost. Because if the provider cannot deliver for a long time, you can expect compensation.

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Vodafone customer service informed me that customers in the event of disruptions that last longer than 24 to 48 hours, can count on a credit. According to Vodafone, the fault must have been logged beforehand so that you can register your claim as easily as possible. In other words, if you don’t report that you’re affected by a disruption, it can be difficult to ask for a refund later.


We have summarized tips for you in the video on how to fix Internet problems yourself or report them to your provider:

Report a fault: Here you can reach the Vodafone customer service

You can report problems, disruptions or failures of the Vodafone services online using the Vodafone form – if you can still use the internet. Alternatively you can reach the Customer service on 0800 1721212 and from the Vodafone network on 1212. You have to expect a waiting time here, but you might be given more information. If nothing works at home anymore, ask your neighbors or friends, somehow you will be able to get in touch with Vodafone.

Incidentally, in my case the problem was resolved after half a day. So I can’t share with you from personal experience how the refund works.

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