Find all Hatchery entrances in Resident Evil 4 Remake

Find all Hatchery entrances in Resident Evil 4 Remake

For the job “Insect Den XL” in Resident Evil 4 Remake you should find and destroy all entrances to the hatchery. At this point we will show you the exact locations of the hatcheries and how you destroy them.

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Start “Insect Den XL”.

You can start this quest in Resident Evil 4 Remake during Chapter 11, after completing the cart ride and arriving at the Hatchery. The blue order slip hangs on a wooden pallet in the eastern part of the Hatchery.

For the solution of the mission you have to destroy four entrances of the big hatchery in the middle. Nothing is marked on the map for you, you have to find the entrances yourself.

Find all hatchery entrances

To discover the entrances, you must look into the center of the Hatchery and look up. You can recognize the entrances by the yellow outgrowths with tentacles hanging out of them. Shoot them a few times with any weapon to destroy them.

You can only aim at the various entrances if you stand at the right angle to them. In the following pictures we have marked the corresponding positions for you.

Hatchery #1: Seen from the eastern area.

Hatchery #2: Seen from the northern area.

Hatchery #3: Seen from the western area.

Hatchery #4: Seen from the western area.

Once you’ve shot down all the Hatchery entrances, you can complete the job directly from the trader in the West of the Hatchery and collect the reward in the form of four spinels. By the way, you can’t do this mission later. Once you get on the elevator at the end of the hatchery, you can no longer complete it.

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