If you have a Samsung phone, you need to install this software update directly

If you have a Samsung phone, you need to install this software update directly

Although Samsung is the largest smartphone manufacturer in the world, serious mistakes also happen to this company. Google recently uncovered a critical issue that Samsung wants to fix as soon as possible. It is now known when that will happen. You shouldn’t hesitate.

Samsung wants to fix critical security vulnerabilities

Google has a team that only deals with finding critical vulnerabilities. Some time ago, this team found what they were looking for in Samsung hardware. Google itself fixed the vulnerabilities with the March update. At the time the vulnerabilities became known, it was not known when Samsung intends to fix them. Now a Community managers on the Samsung forum officially commented on the issue. Accordingly, the critical security gaps will be closed with the March and April updates (source: Samsung forum).

The March update only solved some of the problems that arose. Only with the April update will the Security gaps in the Exynos modem completely closed. So until you have the April update installed, you should continue to turn off WiFi telephony and Voice-over-LTE (VoLTE) if you have a Samsung device with an Exynos processor. All models with Qualcomm processors are not affected. For example, the Samsung Galaxy S23 (test).

The April update for Samsung smartphones should start relatively soon. The company is actually always very quick to provide software updates. All known security gaps should therefore soon be closed if you have actually installed the software updates.

Tips for your Samsung cell phone:

Not only Samsung smartphones affected

Samsung not only installs its Exynos modems in smartphones, but also in smartwatches and cars. It is not known if and when the security gaps will be closed there. Google’s smartphones were also affected. However, these were already secured with the March update. If you own a Pixel 6 or Pixel 7 and their variants with a Tensor chip, you must also install the latest software update.

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