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In Resident Evil 4 Remake there are three missions in which you have to find and get rid of rats: “Annoying Factory Dwellers”, “Furry Bookworms” and “Unwelcome Rodents”. We will help you with the task of being a pied piper and show you all the localities of the rodents.

Resident Evil 4 HD

The rat-catching tasks are part of the Resident Evil 4 Remake tasks, of which there are a total of three different ones in the course of the game. Below we give you walkthroughs for each of these missions.

Find rats in Annoying Factory People

Chapter 2

You can start this mission at the beginning of Chapter 2 in front of the abandoned factory right next to the merchant. Your task is to find and eliminate three rats in the abandoned factory. As a reward you will receive three spinels.

Location of the 1st rat: In the northwest corner of the abandoned factory.

Location of the 2nd rat: Central in the factory after jumping through one of the windows.

Location of the 3rd rat: In the southwest corner of the factory by the kilns.

Find rats in Furry Bookworms

Chapters 9-10

You can do this job in the great hall of the castle start. There where you have to place snake head, lion head and goat head at the statue. For this mission you also have to eliminate three rats and get three spinels for your trouble. Note that you can only complete this mission in Chapter 10because only then can you find the last rat in the library with Leon.

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Location of the 1st rat: This rat is in the hallway after the armory on the first floor of the great hall.

Location of the 2nd rat: In the entrance area of ​​the dining room.

Location of the 3rd rat: In the corridor leading to the library and lined with animal trophies.

Find rats in Unwelcome Rodents

Chapter 14

You can start this job in the trader’s room between the garbage disposal and the cargo depot. This time you even have to find and kill four rats and get three spinels as a reward.

Location of the 1st rat: Right at the start of waste disposal.

Location of the 2nd rat: In the area after the bridge that Ashley lowers for you.

Location of the 3rd and 4th rat: The last two rats are in the same area at the end of the waste disposal.

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