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Samsung is distributing an out-of-order software update for the new Galaxy S23 smartphones. (Image source: GIGA)

While many owners of Samsung smartphones are currently eagerly awaiting the April update, the South Korean company has released a software update out of the ordinary. This is aimed at all buyers of the new Galaxy S23 smartphones.


Samsung improves: software update for Galaxy S23 cell phones

Samsung launched the new Galaxy S23 smartphones some time ago. But the software still needed a little fine-tuning. The classic day-one patch wasn’t enough for the company, so now released a second March update was (source: SamMobile). Basically, the April update is just around the corner. But Samsung didn’t want to wait and has now released the update in advance for all owners of a Galaxy S23 smartphone (test).

With the new software update, Samsung has in primarily improved the camera and gallery app. You can now delete photos more easily, the autofocus should work better, the sharpness should be higher, image errors should no longer appear, the stability when recording videos should now be higher and the image quality has been optimized. So Samsung is addressing many of the criticisms that have been discussed over the past few weeks.

The software update for the Galaxy S23 smartphones will initially be distributed in South Korea. It is with just over 900 MB turned out to be quite large and could therefore change even more that Samsung does not share in detail. Experts assume that the changes in Europe will probably be introduced with the April update. As I said, this is just around the corner and should appear soon.


You need to know these Samsung tips:

Next software update will be extremely important

With the next update, Samsung will not only make improvements to the Galaxy S23 smartphones, but will also close a critical security gap in most other models. If the update is offered to you, you should definitely install it.

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